Lion Bridge Search Engine Evaluator – FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked QuestionsLion Bridge – Work At Home Program

Can I work more than 20 hours per week?

You may work up to 20 hours per week (Monday to Sunday). If there are any changes to this you will be notified.  

Can I rate from a location other than my home?

You can temporarily rate from another location as long as you are using a secure network and nobody can see your screen.  We would not recommend working from public locations.You are not permitted to rate tasks if you are outside of your home country.  If you are permanently moving residence then you will need to notify us immediately.  

I will not be available to work for a number of days, should I let you know?

There is a facility called “My blackout Periods”. This is for you to report periods of time where you are unavailable to complete tasks.  This link can be found at the bottom of the homepage of the Portal: My Blackout Periods​.  There is no need to report any blackout period shorter than 5 days.  If you have any issues marking your blackout period please contact Please ensure that you enter your Primary Email when logging a Blackout Period.  

When is the best time to acquire tasks?

There is no “best time” to acquire tasks. Tasks may be loaded into EWOQ at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. This is the reason why we encourage you to check EWOQ as regularly as possible.We have found that Raters who actively participate prove to be the most successful.  

When should I fill in my timesheet?

We recommend that you update your timesheet on a daily basis.  We will conduct a weekly timesheet review; timesheets for the previous week will close at midnight your local time each Sunday.  If time is not entered, it will not be processed for the period in question.  Please ensure you keep track of the number of tasks and time taken to complete live tasks to update your timesheet.  

What version of Android do I need to use?

You will need version 4.1 or higher or iPhone 8 or above with a QR Code Scanner App installed and a desktop/laptop to work on tasks.    

Which email address do I use to contact Lionbridge?

When contacting Lionbridge, please use your Personal Gmail as this is the Gmail that we have registered on our systems during the applications process.  We will only be able to respond to your Personal Gmail address that is registered in our systems. Your Work Gmail should only be used to communicate with  
I am no longer interested in the program, what should I do?
If you are no longer interested in the program and wish to resign then you can do so through the Quit the Program​ link at the bottom of the homepage of the Community Portal.  You will receive confirmation once your resignation has been processed. ​​

What is the link to the Supplier Portal?

Where can I get my Banking Details?
You may be able to view your bank details on a recent bank statement or by contacting your bank. As per the terms and conditions of the Lionbridge program, you must only provide us with banking details that are held in your own name and in your country of residence.

Will I incur bank charges?
For International vendors, we bank with AIB (Allied Irish Bank). Lionbridge makes payment for the full amount of the invoice. We incur the fee for making the payment however we do not cover the cost for you to receive the payment. If your Bank does not have a relationship with our Bank then a Routing Bank is needed to transfer the funds. A Routing Bank charges a fee which you must pay. If you contact your Bank they will be able to advise you on how much money the Routing Bank charges you and they will be able to advise you if they apply a charge also.

Where can I update my bank details?
You can update your banking details on the Supplier Portal. Please click on the Vendor Bank Details Update, choose your bank country and click on the “Country Help Page”. Here you will be able to view a step by step guide on how to enter your bank details.

Who can see my banking details on the Supplier Portal?
Your banking details can only be viewed by the Lionbridge Finance Team. We treat this information in the strictest of confidence. Please also note that the Supplier Portal is a secure website.

What do I do if my bank is not listed on the Supplier Portal?
If you experience difficulty finding your bank on the Supplier Portal, please contact

If I do not have my own bank account, can I use someone else’s bank details?
In order to receive payment for tasks completed, you must have a bank account held in your own name. This is a requirement of the program which was set out in the terms and conditions. Bank details uploaded in another person’s name will be deleted. 

What if I have a technical issue with a task?
If you have any issues with tasks please copy and paste the full URL of the tasks into an email and send it to us in order for the client to investigate this issue. Please forward this mail to the Ads Quality team:

Encountering a 403/Forbidden error or blank page?

Encountering a 403/Forbidden error or blank page when trying to access the ads eval system is nearly always caused by logging into multiple Google accounts simultaneously.

The EWOQ system does not support being logged into any Google account other than the address you use to rate tasks. You could encounter a 403 error even if you had logged into another Google account but then closed that window or tab.

Please follow the following steps as they guarantee you will be logged out of all other Google accounts:
Click on this link to log out of all Google accounts:
Click on this link to log into the ads evaluation system:
You will be prompted to log in. Please enter the Gmail address you were provided to access the ads rating system along with your password.
You should be redirected to the ads evaluation system’s Rater Hub page.

If this doesn’t work, we find that most Ads Evaluators can fix this problem by clearing their browser cache or trying a different browser either Chrome/Firefox.

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