Search Engine Optimization Lesson -1

What is SEO and How to do SEO

The simple answer is : ‘making our website most favorable to the Search Engines’. The short form SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. If you optimize your website as per the search engines algorithm policies there are more chances rank to your blog in 1st page of search engines. Search engines loves ethical SEO or white hat SEO. Apart from this ethical SEO, we should know about another SEO which is called ‘black hat SEO’. 

Black Hat SEO: will improve ranking by using the methods which is against to search engine policies. This method mislead the search engines and get the ranking very quickly. 

1st Black Hat SEO Method : switching the IP address to get the unique visitors from different countries and different places. Search engines may eliminate your site or decrease your site page rank from their data base if they find that you are using black hat method for improving rank in search engines.  
2nd Black Hat SEO Method
  : Posting duplicate content. Usually if you post more content visitor will browse more pages from your blog and search engines crawls your site whenever you post content to your blog. In terms of content the difference between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO is original / unique content comes under ‘White Hat SEO’ and duplicate / copied content falls in Black Hat Method.

3rd Black Hat SEO Method  : Invisible text or hiding text from search engine crawlers. In this method they will arrange the text with the same background color and fill the page with all the keywords which is not related to content and no phrases for those keywords.

White Hat SEO:  is the legal and cost effective solution to publicize your website. This method gives traffic to your site in a organic search results. White hat SEO gives you genuine traffic from various ways under the policies of search engines. 

There are two methods to do SEO One is On-page Optimization and the second is Off-page Optimization. By using this On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization we can optimize our webpage with the desired keywords.