Lion Bridge Search Engine Evolution Payment Cycles 2020

Lion Bridge is a company providing work from home jobs for Indians. Almost Your work will approve between 25th to 30th of every month. Then you will get it into your bank account through wire transfer after 40 to 50 days.

All payments are issued via Wire Transfer from our bank account here in Ireland.

Bank Charges

Lion Bridge pay the fee for issuing the payment however we do not cover the fee for you to receive your payment. At the time of payment your Bank or Routing/Intermediary Bank may deduct a fee for you to receive the payment.

Here you can find Payment Cycles of Lion Bridge Search Evaluator.

MonthPeriod coveredPayment Date
October Invoices 2019September 30th to October 27thThursday 12th December 2019
November Invoices 2019October 28th to November 24thFriday 10th January 2020
December Invoices 2019November 25th to December 29thTuesday 11th February 2020
January Invoices 2020December 30th to January 26thFriday 13th March 2020
February Invoices 2020January 27th to February 23thFriday 10th April 2020
March Invoices 2020February 24th to March 29thTuesday 12th May 2020
April Invoices 2020March 30th to April 26thThursday 11th June 2020
May Invoices 2020April 27th to May 31stFriday 10th July 2020
June Invoices 2020June 1st to June 28thTuesday 11th August 2020
July Invoices 2020June 29th to July 26thFriday 11th September 2020
August Invoices 2020July 27th to August 30thMonday 12th October 2020
September Invoices 2020August 31st to September 27thWednesday 11th November 2020
October Invoices 2020September 28th to October 25thFriday 11th December 2020
November Invoices 2020October 26th to November 29thMonday 11th January 2021
December Invoices 2020November 30th to December 27thThurs​day 11th February 2021

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