Search Ads Evaluation – Unpromising and Dissatisfying Part -2 – Lionbridge Rating

Changing the User Intent The user wants to see results matching their query, or (strongly) related results. These results should be answering to the user intent.  If the intent of the user is product seeking, the results should sell, show or describe the products or acceptable substitutes.  If the user is looking for information, the results should […]

Search Ads Evaluation – Unpromising and Dissatisfying Part -1 – Lionbridge Rating

Introduction In the task type Search Ads Evaluation, you are asked to first rate an Ad Creative and then in a second step, the Landing Page of the Ad Creative. Here you can see an example of the first part of this task type. Keep in mind that the Ad Creative should be rated “as seen”. Please don’t try to open […]

Rater Behavior – Correct Use of Flags – Lionbridge

The purpose of this course is to provide you with training on when to correctly assign flags when rating tasks. It is important for raters to master the use of flags as failure to use them correctly can lead to removal from the program. As a general rule – you should always try to rate […]

Task Data Center FAQs – Lion Bridge Work Procedure

What is TCR and how is it calculated?​  TCR stands for “task completion rate” and represents the average number of tasks you completed per hour during a given period. lionbridge ads assessor guidelines TCR is equal to the number of tasks you completed divided by the number of hours you entered to complete them. For […]

Lionbridge Task Data Center​​​ (TDC)

On the Lionbridge Community Portal you will find information relating to the Task Data Center.   This shows you in table format the number of tasks completed on a weekly basis, the hours you logged to complete the work and your Task Completion Rate (TCR). This will simplify task tracking and make it easier for you to manage your work and […]

china apps banned in india 2020

The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps that include some of the most prominent names such as TikTok, UC Browser, likee, and ShareIt. The decision has taken amidst a massive backlash against China following the June 15 face-off at Ladakh in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. Inputs from intelligence authorities have indicated that these Chinese apps have […]

How to pass lionbridge exam tips

COMPLETE GUIDE ABOUT HOW TO PASS APPEN BUTLER YUKON PROJECT EXAM AND LIONBRIDGE INTERNET ASSESSOR, AD EVALUATOR, INTERNET SAFETY EVALUATOR EXAMS Are you looking to pass Appen Yakon Project or Lion Bridge Internet assessor & ad evaluator or Interenet Safetly evaluator exams? Arun will provide all the information and tips about search engine evaluator. Lionbridge […]

Lion Bridge Search Engine Evaluator – FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions – Lion Bridge – Work At Home Program Can I work more than 20 hours per week? You may work up to 20 hours per week (Monday to Sunday). If there are any changes to this you will be notified.   Can I rate from a location other than my home? You can […]

Lion Bridge Search Engine Evolution Payment Cycles 2020

Lion Bridge is a company providing work from home jobs for Indians. Almost Your work will approve between 25th to 30th of every month. Then you will get it into your bank account through wire transfer after 40 to 50 days. All payments are issued via Wire Transfer from our bank account here in Ireland. […]

Close Match Evaluation Instructions – LionBridge – Work At Home

In this project, you will be looking at keywords and queries, making judgments about how their intents are related, and deciding how close in meaning the keywords are to the queries. What are keywords and queries? You already know what queries are: a user query is the set of words that a user enters into the Google […]