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Page Vertical Evaluation – Lionbridge Ad accessor Study Meterial

LIONBRIDGE- AD accessor Exam Tips

In each task, you will be given a YouTube page and one or more categories. Your job is to evaluate how well the categories describe the page at hand. For each task: Carefully look at the page’s content. Browse the text on the page to determine the topic(s). Please skim through the video to determine the […]

Search Ads Evaluation: Landing Page Only

LIONBRIDGE- AD accessor Exam Tips

The following guideline applies to the next set of tasks you will see.TAKE A BREAK Search Ads Evaluation: Landing Page Only Version: 2015-04-09 READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! These ratings use newly updated ads rating guidelines that are different from earlier versions of the guidelines. If you have not read the guidelines since the version date listed […]

Broad Match Relevance – Lion Bridge ad accessor guidelines

In this task you will see an advertiser keyword and a user query. Start by researching the keyword and the query and make sure you understand their meanings. Your task is to identify whether users searching for the query would be interested in ads that are related to the keyword. For this task you should assume that the […]

Lion Bridge Search Ads Evaluation – Very Promising and Satisfaction Likely Part – 2

Product Similar to the Company / Website queries we do assign the very positive ratings Very Promising / Satisfaction Likely only when the results respond to the exact and full query. This means, the Ad Creative promises to lead the user to a website where they could find exactly and immediately what they are looking for, and the Landing Page doesn’t include searching […]

Lion Bridge Search Ads Evaluation – Very Promising and Satisfaction Likely Part – 1

This course is intended as a refresher on the Search Ads Evaluation task type. Introduction In the task type Search Ads Evaluation, you are asked to rate first an Ad Creative and then in a second step the Landing Page of the Ad Creative. Here you can see an example of the first part of this task type. Keep in mind that […]