Lion Bridge Search Ads Evaluation – Very Promising and Satisfaction Likely Part – 1

This course is intended as a refresher on the Search Ads Evaluation task type.


In the task type Search Ads Evaluation, you are asked to rate first an Ad Creative and then in a second step the Landing Page of the Ad Creative.

Here you can see an example of the first part of this task type. Keep in mind that the Ad Creative should be rated “as seen”. Please don’t try to open links presented in the Ad Creative. However, you can search for the company, if for example the location is important. 

You then assign a rating based on the Ad Creative. Please also keep in mind to assign matching flags, e.g. “Used Prior Knowledge in Judging Advertiser” or “Secondary Interpretation of Query”. 

After assigning and submitting the rating for the Ad Creative you are in most cases presented with a second step where you must evaluate the Landing page. The rating page either has a button leading you to the landing page or a QR code you need to check with your smartphone and a QR code reader. 

Check the landing page against the criteria given in the instructions for the individual ratings and assign the one you see as matching. 

Common Scenarios

In this course we will focus on the positive rating ranges Very Promising for Ad Creatives and Satisfaction Likely for Landing Pages.

For these rating ranges we put together some common scenarios for you to go through. The very positive ratings should only be assigned for very good results. Most of the times it will be rather obvious if a page deserves a very positive rating. Do not assign these ratings for results where you are not sure IF it deserves that rating, but also don’t shy away from assigning it for results matching the requirements.

In general, it is advised to keep the following in mind: 

  • We assign Very Promising to Ad Creatives only, if the Ad Creative promises to lead the user directly and exactly to where they want to go.
  • The same is with the Landing Page rating Satisfaction Likely. This is only assigned if the user immediately is where they want to go.  

Company / Website

Very often users are looking for either web-based companies, or companies that have an online presence besides their physical stores or offices.

Example 1

The user query is: [cactus Bellevue]
Click here to view the Search Results

The Ad Creative is the following:

Step 1
Rate the Ad Creative

The user intent is rather obvious. They either want to visit a specific restaurant in a specific location, want to see what is offered or want to order food.

The Ad Creative promises to lead the user to exactly that restaurant. 

The title refers to the restaurant’s name and location, the visible URL does the same. The Ad Creative has additional very helpful supplemental content, e.g. a telephone number to contact the business and sub links to relevant content.

The instructions say: 

“A Very Promising ad should look like it points to a page where a user can find almost exactly what is described in the query.” and additionally: “If the landing page of a Very Promising ad does not satisfy the user intent, it will be a surprise and a disappointment to the user.”

Following all these points we do assign Very Promising here (and can additionally assign the Navigational Bullseye flag).

Step 2
Evaluate the Landing Page

In the next step you are asked to evaluate the Landing Page: Click to view the LP 

The LP is a sub page of the official homepage of the queried restaurant chain. The subpage is the dedicated page for the exact branch the user is looking for. It has useful information around menu, opening times, offers and more.

The instructions are very clear here: 

“To receive this rating, a landing page must offer just what the user looked for.”

This should be flagged as Navigational Bullseye and rated with Satisfaction Likely.

Example 2

The user query is: [eharmony]
Click here to view the Search Results

The Ad Creative is the following:

Step 1
Rate the Ad Creative

The user is most likely looking for a well-known dating website.

The AC is extensive and promises to lead the user to the official homepage, which would be an exact and the best match for this query. The helpful sub links promise to guide the user to different sections of interest. 

This AC should be flagged with the Navigational Bullseye flag and should be rated as Very Promising, since it promises to lead the user exactly to where they want to go.

Step 2
Evaluate the Landing Page

In the second step you receive the link to the Landing Page: Click to view the LP

The LP is as promised the official website and the uniquely official exact match to the user’s query. (Almost) all users with the above query would be satisfied with this result. 

The Landing Page should be marked as Navigational Bullseye and rated with a very high Satisfaction Likely.

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