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Version: 2020-05-15

READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: These ratings use newly updated ads rating guidelines that are different from earlier versions of the guidelines. If you have not read the guidelines since the version date listed above, you must carefully read or review all instructions before rating.

For this task, you will be evaluating YouTube video ads for content inappropriateness. These video ads could be either in-stream video ads shown inside the video player or the videos that YouTube users are taken to when they click on advertisements on YouTube main pages.

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Unrateable Flags

(1) Error / Did Not Load

If the video on the Landing Page does not load, select the “Error / Did Not Load” flag.

(2) Wrong Language Flag

Do NOT select “Wrong Language” even if the language in the video is different from the language specified in the task. Do your best to evaluate the video based on the video title, description, image or text in the video. Only select this flag if you don’t completely understand the content of the video at all.

For example, if the video is made in a language that you don’t understand, but the video contains nudity, drug or violence content, you should still rate the video based on your understanding.

Step 1: Understand Video Ads Inappropriate Content

First, click on the “YouTube Video Ad” button to be taken to the YouTube video page. Next, imagine that is the video ad you will be shown on YouTube, watch the video and also pay attention to its title and description.

Note: You should watch the entire video and pay attention to any inappropriate content that appears in the video.

Feel free to fast forward and scan around in the video while you are evaluating its content. If you see an ad before the actual video starts, please ignore / skip that ad.

What should be considered for video inappropriateness:

  • video content
  • video title
  • video description


Provide your rating for the overall video ad inappropriateness and also check corresponding inappropriateness flags if content in the video, the title or description of that video contains any of the inappropriate categories described below, or if it contains any other offensive, disrespectful or controversial content. You may select all items that apply.

Step 2: How to determine the overall inappropriateness of video ads

A video ad is not inappropriate if it is merely uninteresting or unlikely to have broad appeal to users. For example, if a video looks uninteresting or irrelevant to you, it does not automatically make it inappropriate. To be inappropriate, a video must have some content that fits into at least one of the following categories.

Note: this is an overview of each category and more examples can be found in Step 3

Mentally Distressing / Body PartsRepulsive, gross, scary, distressing content related to injuries, death & decay. Videos related to fat loss or health conditions/focusing on unhealthy body parts are also considered disturbing, including but not limited to:Topics include weight loss, hair loss, menstrual cycles, skin conditions, mental disorders, etc. The ad overly emphasizes body parts (e.g. zoomed in on belly fat or butt, including animated content) or bodily symptoms (e.g. fluids and rashes)Medical/Dental surgery procedures (including human and animal) that show blood, guts, gore, bodily fluids or tooth decay.Funerals that show people weeping, mourning or screaming.Videos designed to be scary or invoke fear, enforcement applies to simulated or real content.Accidents/natural disaster e.g., vehicle accidents from dashcam.
Sex / Nudity / SuggestiveFull or excessive partial nudity or suggestive content with the intent to arouse or titillate viewers (content of swimwear or spa is typically OK if mainly focuses on appeal and is NOT suggestive).
ViolenceGraphic or gruesome content and images that may shock, disturb, or disgust viewers (video game or action movie violence is typically OK, if NOT very gory), including but not limited to:News footage that shows violent protests, terrorism or death in a war.Dangerous actions that could potentially result in harm and should not to be imitated, such as dangerous challenges.Dramatized or animated content that is excessively gory or realistic.
Recreational drugsGrowing of, use of, promotion and / or sale of recreational drugs, including:Marijuana, weed, cannabis, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin and other narcotics.
Counterfeit Goods / ClickbaitClickbait: Having false claims related to money/overnight success, curing diseases or anything that may seem misleading/unreasonable or too good to be trueHacking/Unlocking instructions that enable a user to gain unauthorized access (or make unauthorized changes) to systems, devices, property, phones, webcams or credit card
Inappropriate LanguageLanguage or slang that are offensive or may provoke anger.Derogatory language that incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination.
Other potentially Inappropriate contentOther possibly inappropriate issues that do not fit into the aforementioned categories.

The overall inappropriateness rating depends on how offensive the inappropriate content is. The video should be marked as inappropriate even if the inappropriate content is short compared to the entire video.

AppropriateThe video is completely fine, it is not at all inappropriate, and it does not contain any content that belongs to any category mentioned above.
Slightly InappropriateThe video is borderline. It contains images or text that are slightly suggestive, violent or mentally distressing, but would not offend or shock too many people.
Moderately InappropriateThe video contains more inappropriate content than the borderline. The video contains much nudity or is obviously suggestive, overly focuses on unhealthy body parts (e.g., belly fat, butt or hair loss even if it is animated) or more mentally distressing or violent. The video is not suitable for the general audience.
Extremely InappropriateThe video shows content of recreational drugs, contains more nudity or very suggestive content, overly zooms in on unhealthy body parts (e.g., belly fat, butt or hair loss), or show too much violence or mentally distressing content. The video is not suitable for most of the audience.

Videos can be inappropriate for many different reasons (clickbait, racy, violent, etc). It is possible to find problematic content due to multiple reasons, but it’s important to think about the video as a whole. Use the examples below to help you make a decision. These will also be available within the task. If a video happens to have aspects that relate to more than one issues (e.g. clickbait and racy), apply the rating which in your opinion is WORSE. For example, if you think a video is only slightly clickbait but much more racy, then use a higher rating like Extremely Inappropriate.


  • Base your rating only on the video, title and description within this task. Do not do any extra research, do not consider comments left on the video.
  • Remember, a video is not inappropriate if it is merely poorly made, or unlikely to have broad appeal.
  • Do your best to rate according to your experience as long as you have enough information to rate, even if for videos that seem not targeted to your location or contain language different from the language specified in the task.

Step 3: Examples of inappropriate content

Please watch the corresponding video example by clicking the link below each image, to have a better understanding of inappropriate content.

CategoryExamples (Please click the link to watch example videos)
Mentally Distressing / Body Parts
Videos related to fat loss or health conditions/focusing on unhealthy body parts are also considered disturbing
Extremely inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Content showing a funeral and very distressing)Watch Video 2 (Surgery process showing blood, guts)Watch Video 3 (Dental treatment focusing on teeth issues that will disgust people)Watch Video 1 (Scary content that intends to invoke fear)Watch Video 2 (Sensitive health issue about hair loss and focus on body part)Watch Video 3 (Weight loss topic and overly focus on private body parts)
Moderately inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Sensitive health topic and strong emphasis on body parts, e.g. – belly fat)Watch Video 2 (Scene of war and showing dead people)Watch Video 3 (Show people get severely injured in an accident)
Slightly inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Scenes of graveyard but not directly show people death)Watch Video 2 (Related to personal health and Slight emphasis on a specific body area)Watch Video 3 (Nature disasters but not directly show people death)
Watch Video 1 (Related to weight loss, but not overly emphasizing body parts)Watch Video 2 (Related to weight loss, but not emphasizing body parts)
Sex / Nudity / Suggestive
Full or excessive partial nudity or suggestive content with the intent to arouse or titillate viewers (content of swimwear or spa is typically OK if mainly focuses on appeal and is NOT suggestive)
Extremely inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Excessive full nudity)Watch Video 2 (Implied/real sex act)Watch Video 3 (Excessive partial nudity that intend to titillate viewers)
Moderately inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Contains many racy images)Watch Video 2 (Purposely focus on people’s body part on the beach)
Slightly inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Images are slightly racy and suggestive)Watch Video 2 (Some movements are slightly racy and titillating)
Watch Video 1 (Primary focus is swimwear and appeal without being sexually suggestive)Watch Video 2 (Content is NOT sexually suggestive)
Graphic or gruesome content and images that may shock, disturb, or disgust viewers (video game or action movie violence is typically OK, if NOT very gory)
Extremely inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Violent protests and people are injured)Watch Video 2 (Torture people)Watch Video 3 (Store robbery)
Moderately inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Dangerous actions that could result in harm)Watch Video 2 (Video games but is very gory)
Slightly inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (New footage shows fighting in a war, but doesn’t directly involve people’s death)
Watch Video 1 (Video game violence is typically fine if it is not too gory)
Recreational drugs
Growing of, use of, promotion and / or sale of recreational drugs
Extremely inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Use of recreational drugs)Watch Video 2 (Growing recreational drugs)
Counterfeit Goods / Clickbait
Having false claims, misleading/unreasonable content, or hacking/unlocking instructions that enable a user to gain unauthorized access
Extremely inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Phone hacking instructions or unlocking phones)Watch Video 2 (Instructions for downloading movies for free)
Moderately inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (somewhat clickbaity because it claims to earn free money)
Inappropriate Language
Language or slang that are offensive or may provoke anger
Extremely inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Comments about sexual orientation that will offend some people)
Moderately inappropriate:
Watch Video 1 (Contains a lot of inappropriate slang and dirty words)

Once you’ve answered all the questions shown, click “Submit” to complete the task and acquire the next one.

If you have questions about this project that are not answered by the instructions above, please review the Rater Hub first, which contains additional content about rating. If you encounter a technical problem with this rating task, use the “Report A Problem” link in the lower-right hand corner of the rating page.

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