Genuine answers about Lion Bridge Work From Home Program

How much does Lionbridge pay per hour?

Average Lionbridge hourly pay ranges from approximately $6.88 per hour for Test Operator to $39.12 per hour for Participant.

Is the Lionbridge exam hard?

The entire exam is divided into three parts. The exam is designed to provide a person with specific guidelines and skill to be able to rate results of search engines. The Lionbridge exam has been described by some as being intense and somewhat difficult.

Is Lionbridge legit?

Lionbridge is a well-known company and experience with search engine optimization in Lionbridge looks great on your resume. You will put in a ratio of up to eight hours of unpaid time per hour of paid time. Expectations of earning $13.50 per hour or working twenty hours per week are grossly exaggerated.

How do I apply for Lionbridge?

Applying to LionbridgeFor crowdsourcing opportunities (Internet assessor, etc.), go to the Lionbridge Crowdsourcing Enterprise page. For the service partner jobs (often translation jobs), register as an expert. The application begins by collecting basic information, work experience, and education.

What does a Lionbridge rater do?

The job involves analyzing and providing feedback on text, web pages, images and other types of information for leading search engines, using an online tool. Raters log on to the online tool to select tasks to do on a self-directed schedule.

Does Lionbridge pay weekly?

Lionbridge pays once per month. If you get at least 20 hours in for the month, you can expect to get paid by the 10th or 12th of each month. If you did not get 20 hours in, you will see your money around the 20th.

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