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LIONBRIDGE- AD accessor Exam Tips

In each task, you will be given a YouTube page and one or more categories. Your job is to evaluate how well the categories describe the page at hand.

For each task:

  1. Carefully look at the page’s content.
    • Browse the text on the page to determine the topic(s).
    • Please skim through the video to determine the general theme. You do not have to watch the full video. Please spend no more than 3 minutes looking at the page and video. 
    • Ignore any ads.
  2. Read the category’s description to determine what it includes – this is important! The category might include more concepts than the name on its own implies. 
  3. Determine whether the category describes the page. For each category, you will need to determine whether the category is:
    • ESSENTIAL to describing the page,
    • GOOD, but NOT ESSENTIAL to describing the page, or
    • NOT GOOD for describing the page.

Note that we are not looking for a single best category for the page. Instead, we want to know about all the categories that describe that page.

lionbridge internet ads assessor exam answers

Evaluating a Category


A category is ESSENTIAL to describing a page if it passes the following test:

  •      The category describes one of the main topics of the page.


  1. Page: Page on preparing for a date
    • Category: Romance
    • Description: Romantic relationships, short- and long-term couples.
    • Test: Romance describes one of the main topics associated with dating, which is what the page is about.
  2. Page: Fresno crime Statistics
    • A. Category: California
      • Description: The most populous state in the United States, and the third largest by area; it is located on the West Coast of the United States.
      • Test: The category is a geographic location that describes one of the main topics of the page (Fresno, California.)
      • → ESSENTIAL
    • B. Category: Crime & Justice
      • Description: Crime and punishment: penal code and prison system, judicial sentencing, criminal activities, etc.
      • Test: The category refers to everything under the crime & justice umbrella. As the page is about crime statistics, we would say the category describes the topic of the page.
      • → ESSENTIAL
  3. Page:
    • Category: Beverage
    • Description: All manner of beverages for human consumption.
    • Test: The category Beverages includes all kinds of beverages, and as Fanta is a type of beverage, we would say the category describes the main topic of the page.


A category is  GOOD, but NOT ESSENTIAL if it passes AT LEAST ONE of the following tests: 

  • The category describes the page’s main format, not the topic(s), or
  • The category describes a prominent secondary topic on the page.

Format: If a category describes the page’s format (i.e. which type of page it is), the category would be considered good but not essential. Examples of page formats include online video, news article, forum, classified ad, etc.


  1. Web Page: New York Times
    • Category: News
    • Description: Coverage of current developments in local and world affairs, politics, sports, business and finance, technology and gossip.
    • Test: The category, News, describes the main format of the homepage of The New York Times. It does not describe the topics of the articles on the homepage, of which there are many (e.g., World News, Politics, Sports, etc.)

NOTE: The same category can describe the topic of one page and the format of another page. If it describes the main topic, it is ESSENTIAL. If it describes the main format, it is GOOD but NOT ESSENTIAL. For example:

Page discussing the best online video websites YouTube videoCNN news page with only a couple of videos
The category Online Videos describes the main topic of this page.The category Online Videos describes the format of the page, not the topic(s).Online Videos describes neither the main topic(s) nor the main format for this page.
The category Online Videos is ESSENTIAL.The category Online Videos is GOOD but NOT ESSENTIAL.The category Online Videos is NOT GOOD.

Secondary prominent topic – example: 

Page: News home page with many topics

  • Category: Politics
  • Description: Political news and media; discussions of social, governmental and public policy
  • Test: Politics is one of many prominent topics on the page – a page like this, with many topics, does not have a main topic. Instead, it has many secondary topics (e.g., Politics).


A category is NOT GOOD  for describing a page if it doesn’t pass any of the tests for either ESSENTIAL or GOOD, but NOT ESSENTIAL.


  1. Page: 35 best Movie Streaming Sites

Category: Consumer Electronics
Description: Electronic equipment intended for use by everyday people, not including computers
Test: Consumer Electronics does not describe the main topic of the page, which is about movie streaming websites, nor does it describe the page’s format.
→ NOT GOOD     

  1. Page: Mold remediation and restoration

Category: Property Inspections and Appraisals
Description: Content related to the appraisal of commercial and residential real estate and property inspection
Test: The page’s main topic is mold remediation and restoration, which is not necessarily tied to property inspections. The category does NOT describe one of the page’s topics.

  1. Page: Facial moisturizer

Category: Anti Aging Skin Care Products
Description: Skin care products that focus on reducing, masking, or preventing signs of skin aging; anti-aging creams, serums, etc.
Test: Although facial moisturizers can generally help with anti aging, this specific one isn’t marketed as such, and the description doesn’t mention anti aging properties. Therefore, the category, while somewhat related, is NOT GOOD at describing the page’s topic.

  1. Page: Soup and Salad combos

Category: Mobile Phones
Description: Mobile phones and mobile phone retailers and resellers
Test: No one in their right mind can even remotely imagine a list of soup and salad combos being described by Mobile Phones!
→ NOT GOOD     

Important notes

1. Please evaluate each category independently of any other category you’re seeing:

  • There may be more than one ESSENTIAL category for a page, even if they are redundant with each other, or one is more specific than the other. 
    • Example: MIT Admissions Page
      The category Colleges & Universities is ESSENTIAL.
      The category Education is also ESSENTIAL.
      Even if colleges is more specific. We want to know about both!
  • It is possible that none of the categories are good. Please do not convince yourself to accept a category because it’s slightly better than another bad category. 
    • Example: Page about nose shapes
      The category Celebrities & Entertainment News is NOT GOOD.
      The category Cosmetic Surgery is also NOT GOOD.

2. If a page is in a foreign language, contains pornographic content, or contains too little information to make a decision, you should check the box indicating that the page is unratable and select the specific reason. Please indicate problems with the content in the comments section. 

3. No ‘back’ button: Once you click submit, you cannot go back and change your answer. Please be sure to review your work and click on the best answer(s) before submitting.

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